v1.3.0 released

A new version of Dragon's Lunch (v1.3.0) has been released today.

Added new game modes -
    IronMan - no Load or Save.
    WedgeMan - can Load and Save at any point by pressing the Save hotkey (default F5), but this quits the current game. Reloading in, deletes the save game file (this is standard Roguelike saving).
    PutterMan - can Load and Save at any point by pressing the Save hotkey (default F5).
High score is now ordered by mode.
New menu font to make it more readable.
Added option to turn off menu music.

Added chests which may be locked requiring a key, and will contain an item.
Added new room with lightning and mirrors.
Changed bow graphic to arrows.
Changed stairs down graphic.
Now shows the way down highlighted on the map.
Floor traps now indicate better when they are recharging.
Improved the shoot web and shoot turret sounds.

Tweaked the weapons to hit more often.
Made the Turn Undead wand less powerful.
Potion of speed now also speeds up combat.
Potion of protection potion now gives total immunity from attacks.
Reduced the number of arrows lying on the ground from 20 to 10 per bundle.
Improved the distribution of items across the levels.
Dragons now flee and heal faster.
Effect damage from weapons is now a percentage chance of effecting based on the number of enchantments.
Reduced the probability of monsters deflecting missiles.
Reduced the effect of paralysis.
Can no longer paralyse stone walls.

Goblin fire pit no longer appears in twisty passage.
Teleporting yourself by reflection no longer causes crash.
Ensured the information trap in treasure vaults can be reached.
Fixed bow melee animation.
Ensured monsters healing from healing trap is at the same rate as player.
Fixed the gas flames graphic.
Added exception handling around file i/o.
Fixed crash if pickup weapon/arrows when no weapon wielded.


DragonsLunchDemo-Windows-v.1.3.0.zip 63 MB
Jun 14, 2017

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